Condo   $285 Over 2000 S.F Call for quotes

Detached single family/duplex home up to 3500 S.F. $385

$25 for each 1000 S.F over 3500 S.F. 

 ​Call for quotes Over 5000 S.F.

All of our inspections include a  Complimentary Recall Chek & 90 Day limited warranty Covered by RWS 
Complimentary HOUSEFAX


Out of Denver metro area Over 50 miles from our office $25

Home 50+ years old $25

Sunday Inspection $50

Radon test $125 ,$100 With Home inspection

Sewer scope Done by Mainline Services $135 Video and locates included

Lab certified Air Quality Testing $200 (PRISM Air Technologies)

$175 with home inspection

Formaldehyde Air test $175

​$150 with home inspection

​​Yes! we give Discounts!


​​​Call for quotes. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer the phone we are onsite. 
We will respond By 5:00 that evening.

*Package deals for multiple services.

*Military & 1st Responder discounts